The CPVM method was elaborated and Eleni Theocharopoulos and former co-trainer Bénédicte Garel. It's foundations are based on diverse public speaking techniques (3T’s by 3M, improvisation/theatre classes, corporate trainings among others) that were practiced by the trainers during her 15 year experience working in communications both in the US and Europe. CPVM is a simple and easy way to ground new habits when speaking in public. We combine both emotional, kinesthetics and visual elements to successfully improve presentation skills.

The training is divided is 4 distinct pillars:

C= Coeur/Connect: helps participants to connect with the public and keep its attention throughout the presentation. De-activation of stress related to public speaking supported with one-to-one sessions.

P= Pieds/Presence: helps participants acquire presence and own the space. We also look at how to create presentations that support messages and help you present in a structured way

V= Voice: allows participants to use all voice tones and speeds of the voice in order to create emotion. We also practice the importance of Silences and the communication flow of a presentation.

M= Mains: non verbal communication is supported in this module

Each module is introduced to "build-up" on the previous one with the aim to achieve your own personal style.