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    How to master in public speaking
    How to manage your emotions on stage
    How to make engaging Powerpoint presentations
    Feel confident on stage
    Look professional
    Engage the audience
    Excel in group presentations
    Win your audience


Balance Your Emotions

Mastering your emotions and feeling confident during a presentation has never been easier!

At Geneva Coaching we teach you a technique that will allow you to overcome your fear of speaking in public, to intuitively communicate your passion for your subject to your audience, and to connect efficiently with your public.

Confident = Professional

Our CPVM method will help you present with confidence and presence.

Through a series of presentation trainings and visual examples, you will be able to understand the secrets of public speaking. Whether you are a "One Man Show" or part of a group presentation, you will learn how to efficiently keep the interest of your audience throughout your presentation.

Make it Visual

Being powerful is not only a matter of presence, but also a matter of visual presentation.

Learn how to manage information on each slide, how to be keen in your messages and how to engage your public with the use of the right images and slogans. Making a difference with a simple yet effective ppt presentation is key!


"If you would like to improve your presentation and speaking skills with the help of a committed communications professional, in a safe environment, within a small group, this is the course you need! This well designed training has provided me the tools I needed to start looking confident and deliver great presentations. Money well invested! " Joelle Rousset, United Nations

"The training is of great help furthermore if we are stressed about speaking in public. I found the exercises really interesting and TIPI method is really key too. I already feel more confident." Sophie Simon, Purchasing Manager, + GF + Machine Solutions,

"I very much liked the CPVM model and especially the practical ways in which our trainer, Eleni Theocharopoulos, applied that model to the training process. I also appreciated a lot the rich feedback I got from her as well as her customized approach. The group dynamics were also managed pretty constructively which added extra value to the training. This 2-day training has been an intensive, constructive and memorable learning experience for me! Thank you." Angelo Alexopoulos, CERN

"I am in Doha airport transiting and waiting for my flight to Geneva while writing these lines. I was in mission in Indonesia and delivered a presentation. It went really well and I was less stressed than for my first presentation. And for the first ever also during the workshop I took the mic several times to talk (to help facilitating the discussion and giving feedbacks). That is really the first time that I am doing that and not being too shy and stay quiet! :) Thank you so much for all the great work you've done with me and for finding time and taking me in session urgently in December, it changed my life!" Sylvi

"The workshop was a great experience for me. I understood that public speaking works without suffering. From the first presentation to the last I made big progresses and I learned how I can manage this "stress". GREAT!" Purchasing department, + GF + Machine Solutions,

"The 6 week training allowed me to overcome the stress I had when speaking in public and not to hear my heart beat as if it was going to explode. I was able to present in a professional way and felt I had more impact during my meetings and presentations." Sofia

"Presentation skills course helped me A LOT to be more confident in my job interviews and when is required for me to present myself and talk to small or even bigger audiences." Konstantinos Thithizoglou, MSC

" The day training helped me to give impactful presentations for various conferences I was invited to and to understand the difference between a TV interview and a conference speech."
Michael Desforges, www.telexoo.com

"The workshops have been a great experience for me. I was able to add presence and be more confident when I was presenting for my Feng Shui workshops both in french and in english. I was able to interact better with my clients and communicate my knowledge more effectively."
Laura Eleini, www.insidezen.ch

" I have been coached by Geneva Presentation Skills for three months prior to making an important presentation. The presentation went very well and I would strongly recommend any professional in the Geneva area who needs to improve presentation skills to attend the course. Eleni Theocharopoulos and her capable team explain in simple terms what is required and the video playback is particularly beneficial."

3 Dimensional Approach

  • Learn to manage emotions
  • Learn to look confident
  • Use engaging visual support